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“When I heard about the DMIT Concept, I was very excited to know about my son’s inborn skills. I was surprised to see that 95% of the report was accurate. It has helped us in taking decisions for the best interest of our child. This is not some vanilla personality test, DMIT is a logic based science and has helped me understand my child and his needs better. I understand what kind of an environment works for my child so that he can give his best!” “This science has logic and supportive evidence that is undeniable. I personally feel that it is very important to utilize the DMIT data and conclusions for the further development of an individual as a successful person in future. If I had the privilege to do it for myself at an early age, no doubt I could have been more successful. I would recommend everyone to do the DMIT Report, irrespective of your age. I must say, it would definitely help you in 3 ways, Professionally, Personally and Socially.” Thank you very much, LU India”
Shashank Satish, S/O Ms. Shalini Satish Student : Class 6th, GD Goenka World School, Gurgaon

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