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"The Learning Unlimited teachers who have worked with my daughters are absolutely amazing! It is without exaggeration that I can tell you that my children's French Language teachers are really the best of the best! Their energy level is constant and contagious, their affection for the children is genuine, and their implementation of the curriculum is fantastic. The teachers generate an enthusiasm among the children (and adults!) that inspires a love of the language and of learning. I recall my own French classes (way back when) taking place in an atmosphere of gravity, making the learning of the language uninspiring and cumbersome. I only wish I could have been exposed to French through an instructor like our Learning Unlimited teacher. He is truly the model to which other teachers should aspire and both my daughters love him. After we return home, they try so hard to speak in French, and never fail to speak about their French Language teacher all day long. If only they could teach my children in EVERY subject!"

Mallika & Anusha Datta, D/O Ms. Anchal Datta, Student : Class 5th & 8th, Delhi Public School, Sector – 45, Gurgaon

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